Washing Up Scraper

Washing Up Scraper


Loofco Coconut Husk Dish Scraper 


The perfect plastic free tool that fits neatly in the hand for scraping up tough residue on pots and pans! 


Hand made in Sri Lanka using ethical, fair trade & eco-friendly business practices, the vegan washing up scraper is made using the outside of the coconut shell which is called the husk.


Being 100% natural the scraper is non toxic and completely biodegradable meaning you can clean your pans with complete confidence that no micro-plastics or chemicals are being released down the drain.


The natural scraper also has a handy cotton string so you can hang it to dry after each use.

LoofCo use ethical, fair trade business practices and sustainable sources to produce their cleaning accessories. This company values workers rights who support and gives work to local villagers in rural areas.



The packaging of Loofco products is made from card and is recyclable.

There is a small clear sticker holding the packaging together, this is biodegradable and made from cellulose.

Our natural washing up pads will last you ages but when the time finally comes to replace it you, put it in your compost, they will naturally biodegrade.



Make sure to rinse and hang dry using the string to keep your scraper fresh between uses.

Occasionally soak in hot water and natural dish soap (PLANET DETOX DISH SOAP) and airdry.

When the bristle-like edge starts to fray just trim with some scissors right back to the solid edge and continue using.