Vintage Hankie

Vintage Hankie


Hankies - When your nose if giving you issues, grab one of these, don't waste the tissues.


Hankies aren't a thing of the past, however these vintage preloved hankies were. Plain and simple or beautifully embroidered there's a hanky for every occasion.


Gentler on your nose and the environment.

To produce one tissue it takes around 2.2L of water and they are typically not made of recycled materials, as the material wouldn't be "soft enough" This means to keep up producing tissues new trees must be cut down for us to only throw it away in mere seconds. You also can't recycle those little bogey bombs, so they usually go to landfill.


Material hankies may have taken water to produce initially but with good care reusing them definitely reduces the impact of your snotty nose.

These secondhand vintage ones are even more ecofriendly, as you've saved them from Landfill - even just as a pocket filler these sweet hankies are a nice addition.


Type of Hankie

When ordering, please specify if you would like a plain white hankie, a solid colour, or one with embroidery, or a lace edge.

Otherwise I will send you a suprise. If two hankies are ordered, I will typically send one plain white and one colour or embroidered hankie.

*I only handpick hankies in the very best condition, but as all of the hankies I sell are vintage, there can be slight discoloration on them, or some small faults/slight stains.

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