Two Bar Refill Set

Two Bar Refill Set

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Sustainable Kitchen Refill Kit - Two Bars 


This set is perfect for anyone needing to stock up on the sustainable items that will eventually run out in your plastic free kitchen or if you just want to add to a collection you already have.  Perfect for anyone looking to remove plastic and chemicals from their kitchen and go natural, without having to wonder where to start. You can now wash your dishes and clean your kitchen plastic free! By buying this Sustainable set you will be saving yourself some money and will receive: 


  • Dish Brush Head with Plant Bristles

Brush head replacement made from sustainably sourced Beechwood with Tapico Bristles

  • Oceansaver Antibac

Antibacterial refill Drops can be put into your own reusable bottles to create a waste free cleaning spray (1 pod per pack)

  • Ecoconut Scourer

​​​​​​​A biodegradable and highly durable multipurpose scourer made from coconut fibre

  • Coconut Dish Scraper      

​​​​​​​Coconut shell scraper, perfect for removing any hard tough residue on pots and pans. 

  • Compostable Sponge Cloths

Made with 70% plant cellulose and 30% cotton, pack of 2  reusable and compostable cloths 

  • Natural Loofah Sponge

A natural plant alternative to plastic sponges/scourers that can be composted ​​​​​​​

  • Dish Washing Bar

​​​​​​​A handmade natural plastic free alternative to washing up liquid that cuts through dirt and grease that leaves your dishes squeaky clean

  • Kitchen Cleaning Bar 

​​​​​​​No more nasty chemical filled sprays that you might breath in but instead these naturally antibacterial and antiseptic handmade bars can scrub your surfaces with their lemon and thyme pumice


All the products are plastic free, vegan, palm oil free, SLS free and are safe for kitchen use. 


All products are available to purchase individually and have more detailed explanation if you want to know more.