Tea Strainer

Tea Strainer


Stainless steel tea strainers

Did you know that a high percentage of household teabags contain plastic? Cut out the waste and switch to a reusable tea strainer. Pair it up with a lovely loose tea and enjoy a nice brew, waste free. Loose leaf teas are natural leaves, so even when you finished your tea you can compost the leaves!


It has a long handle design, making it usable for most mugs, cups and teapots. The strainer is made of 304 grade stainless steel; this high-quality material makes these tea strainers safe to use, durable and resistant to rust and corrode.


Easy to use and clean; dishwasher safe but hand washing recommended.


Fun tip: You can also use it for shaking icing sugar and cocoa evenly onto cookie, cakes, milkshakes and cappuccino in an easy way.

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