Reusable Christmas Bags

Reusable Christmas Bags


Reusable Christmas Bags


If you are someone who dreads wrapping endless presents at Christmas or wants to find a more sustainable alternative to wrapping paper, then these are the perfect plastic free alternative.


These beautiful handmade bags for Recopup are created with scrap materials and can be used time and time again. A perfect zero waste alternative and can even be included as part of your loved ones gift! 


If you didnt know, traditional wrapping paper isn't recyclable and we use 227,000 miles of wrapping paper each year! So, think about investing in a sustainable swap this year that will benefit you for years to come. 


We have limited stock: Large in red tartan, Medium in red tartan, Small red tartan, grey snowflakes, blue reindeers, white reindeers. If you have a preference leave us a note with your order. 

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