OceanSaver Antibacterial Cleaner

OceanSaver Antibacterial Cleaner


OceanSaver Cleaner Refill Drops can be put into your own reusable bottles to create a waste free antibacterial spray. (1 drop/pod per pack)


You can become an Oceansaver in just three steps. Just drop, shake and clean! Place one Ocean Drop into a clean 750ml bottle and fill to the top with warm water. Screw the spray-top firmly and shake! Now you're ready to go. It works all around the house to leave your surface safe and sparkling clean. It works to protect the oceans and has a beautiful Ocean Mist scent.


The vegan plant-based formulation kills 99.9% of bacteria and is completely biodegradable -The pods have been made from PVOH which biodegrades in water into natural molecules of carbon dioxide and water. They are palm oil free, plastic free and paraben free. Contains 90% less water than the alternatives you may find in the supermarket which means fewer trucks on the road, helping to reduce carbon emissions.


Since they’re refills they can be added to the spray bottles you have at home - as long as the bottle has been thoroughly cleaned out beforehand.