Natural Dog Shampoo

Natural Dog Shampoo


The Mindful Mutt Dog Shampoo 


Natural Dog Shampoo handmade with simple ingredients to help you reduce waste whilst keeping your pup clean. No more juggling, the shower head, a plastic bottle and the dog...our plastic free bar makes bath time less messy, with it's easy grip and fuss free application. There are no additives, no preservatives or harsh chemicals, so it is gentle on their skin but still tough on dirt!


The gorgeous smelling lavender keeps your dog smelling nice whilst the neem oil is antimicrobial helping them fight off fleas and tics. The generous lather keeps your pup soft, shiny and itch free.

Gentle on your hands, the ocean and your these chunky bars last months! 


"I love it!! Lathers sooo well much better than the ones we've bought before and smells lovely! Left my hands soft too."


"He is super fluffy and soft and it hasn’t irritated his skin at all, he seems to be itching less than he does when we use the usual puppy shampoo."


With a balanced PH, this soap does not strip the natural oils from your dogs coat by using a mixture of the following oils we bring you a soap that can both cleanse and nourish at the same time;

Olive Oil - creates a mild and creamy lather that conditions the coat so it is silky and soft

Coconut Oil - produces lots of lather that is excellent at cleaning away dirt and grime

Rapeseed Oil - produces a rich lather that cleans and protects the hair from root to tip

Castor Oil - Long lasting bubbles that moisturise the coat, leaving it glossy

Neem Oil - a natural antibacterial oil that repels fleas and tics  

Lavender Essential Oil - Antifungal to maintain clear skin and it's also relaxing 


Recyclable/Compostable Packaging - Recycled card label sealed with plant based glue. 


Size and weight may vary due to being handmade. 

Approx. 120g 

Approx. 70mm x  35mm 

Use within 6 months of purchase.


If you have tried our dog shampoo and would like to send us a review and a picture, we will feature your furry friend as our mindful mutt of the week on instagram and facebook!