Metallic Safety Razor

Metallic Safety Razor


Reusable Safety Razor


Jungle Culture razors are precision engineered using eco-friendly, long-lasting metal and are perfectly weighted and balanced to make zero waste shaving easy for beginners. Safety razors really are the best alternative to plastic razors, switch to a plastic-free razor today and never look back!


Set Contains:
1 x Eco-friendly safety razor (Metallic Black or Rose Gold)
1 x Organic jute travel pouch + optional metal stand
1 x Sustainable gift box with magnetic close


These eco-friendly razors make the perfect sustainable gifts and combined with our vegan shaving soap to create an eco-friendly shaving gift set! Make the investment and save yourself money in the long run, switch once to a traditional single blade sustainable razor and never buy another disposable razor again! When shopping for a safety razor, don’t forget that what you’re buying will probably last you a lifetime, so avoid extremely cheap razors as they tend to be made by inexperienced manufacturers and more often than not they’ll get jammed in a matter of months.


Please note: This item does not include razor blades. Blades can be bought separately here. Read Jungle Culture's guide on how to shave with a safety razor. This guide intructs how to assemble the razor, how to dispose of blades and how to shave with it.