Cotton Rounds & Flannels

Cotton Rounds & Flannels


Crocheted Cotton Rounds & Flannels


We have a varied selection of handmade crochet cotton rounds and flannels. For our first collection we have used a selection of leftover balls of cotton and new organic cotton, hence the variations. We want to see which are the most popular choices before refining our selection. The entire collection is shown in the photos, so please relate the choices to the image. If you have any questions please send us a message! 


These gorgeous crocheted items are a perfect swap for single use face wipes and plastic sponges. The flannels can be great for cleaning your kitchen surfaces or your body, as the cotton is strong but soft! 

The facial rounds are much better for the environment than the disposable ones and pair up beautifully with our face soaps. 


Simply clean the rounds or flannels in the washing machine and they'll be ready to use time and time again!  

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