Bottle/Cup Bag

Bottle/Cup Bag


Handmade Macrame Bottle/Cup Bag

We are super proud to be sharing our recycled cotton macrame bags, perfectly designed to hold your bottle or reusable cup. The inspiration for this bag came when Olivia was travelling around Thailand and she bought a fabric one to carry her water bottle, so she didn't have to keep getting it out of her rucksack. It is now a staple item that comes with her to every festival, dog walk and picnic, it is especially handy for a cheeky bottle of wine with friends. 


Handmade by Olivia in a variety of colours and strap lengths (see the guidelines below). The bags are currently made to order, so please allow a few extra days for delivery. They currently hold a 50ml water bottle or one of our Circular and Co reusable cups but if you would like one made for a large bottle, please send an email request to


Size guidelines 

Small 135cm

Medium 140cm

Large 150cm 

Xtra Large 155cm


All of the bottle bags have a generous stretch, so the measurements which are the strap length, are when the bag isn't being used. Allow an extra 5cms of length for the weight of the bottle/cup and drink.