Ben & Anna Toothpaste

Ben & Anna Toothpaste


Natural tooth care in a glass jar

Want to switch to a plastic-free toothpaste, but not a fan of toothpaste tablets? Here is your solution! After trialing several different toothpaste options, we fell in love with Ben & Anna's ecofriendly toothpaste packaged in a recylable glass jar. Use the small bamboo spatula it comes with, to scoop the smooth toothpaste on to your brush. It has a similar texture to traditional toothpaste and a lovely minty taste. 


Sensitive Toothpaste without Fluoride: Optimal protection for sensitive teeth, fine, hand-picked Chamomile acts thoroughly yet gently to clean teeth while Sea Buckthorn strengthens and protects, making your teeth strong for everyday life. (100ml).


White Toothpaste without Fluoride: The whitening toothpaste is a powerhouse in the fight against discolouration. Pineapple enzyme helps whiten your teeth gently while sage adds an extra portion of vitamin A and antioxidants, providing a reliable protective shield against tooth decay and free radicals. (100ml). 1450ppm fluoride content


These products use ingredients of natural origin only and are certified accordingly. They are vegan certified and have never been tested on animals. The packaging material is chosen wisely in order to have the lowest impact on our environment as possible.