Bamboo Straw

Bamboo Straw


Bamboo straws 

The perfect pocket filler for everyday use to reduce the need for plastic straws. These wide bamboo straws are perfect for thick tasty smoothies, which we discovered in Vietnam, where I purchased these from.

Bamboo cutlery and kitchen ware is utilised much more in South East Asia, due to its fast and hardy growth. I bought these handmade bamboo straws from a Vietnamese lady in Hoi An.


Ditch the plastic

We all know plastic straws are a danger to marine life and the environment, yet 8.5 billion of the things are estimated to be used in the UK alone every year. They are typically only used for less than 20 minutes and take up to 500 years to decompose!


Care for them

To care for your straws wash and dry them after every use.

Soft drink - simple rinse with luke warm water and small drop of washing up liquid.

Thicker drinks such as a smoothie - In addition use a straw cleaning brush or a thin piece of cloth to pull through, to make sure no bits get left inside of your straw.


Let your bamboo straws dry fully.

20cm in length. These straws, like people can vary in size and colour/markings.