£50 credit for Bulb Energy Switch

£50 credit for Bulb Energy Switch


I would like to invite you to save CO2 and switch to Bulb Energy and they will give us both £50 if you sign up through my link.


Here's your link: www.bulb.me/oliviae9210

Every time someone joins Bulb, it stops a car's worth of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. Their electricity is 100% renewable and their gas 100% carbon neutral. 10% is green gas produced from renewable sources like food or farm waste. And we offset the rest of the gas we supply by supporting carbon reduction projects around the world.

For every unit you use, they make sure a unit is produced and put on the grid by a renewable source including solar, wind and hydro.


They have one tariff for everyone, so no worrying if you are on the best deal. We moved from British Gas and were the cheapest on comparison sites.