10% off Bamboo Toilet Paper

10% off Bamboo Toilet Paper


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After finally getting through our previous recycled toilet roll we knew we wanted to switch to bamboo toilet paper and found Naked Sprout, Britain's most sustainable toilet paper.


Naked Sprout toilet tissue is made from 100% bamboo fibre which is super soft, renewable and ultra-sustainable. Ideal for plastic free lovers, their packaging is 100% recyclable and plastic free. Perfect for eco-warriors and aspiring sustainable individuals, their bamboo toilet tissue is also vegan, cruelty free and chemical free using no chemical to bleach the paper.


Why is Bamboo toilet roll better than normal toilet rolls?

We currently flush 27,000 trees down the drain every day and a single roll of toilet paper uses 37 gallons of water to manufacture. 

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world and grows 30x faster than trees! Trees take 20-30 years to grow bamboo can grow and be harvested every year.
Did you know that normal toilet paper is bleached to make it white?

Bleaching uses 235,000 tons of chlorine, polluting local water. Chlorine bleach creates dangerous toxins such as dioxin and furans. These toxins accumulate in our bodies, creating a dangerous situation for our health. Whereas bamboo toilet roll is free from fertilisers, pesticides, fragrances, de-inking agents, B.P.A. free. Bamboo is Naturally hypo allergenic, suitable for sensitive skin. Naturally antibacterial, naturally anti-fungal.


Every Naked Sprout box gives a child in Kenya safe water at school for 1 year through their Charity partner 'Just a Drop'.


Select boxes of 24,48 or 96 rolls to save yourself a trip to the shops for loo roll for months!