Why Lockdown is the Perfect Time to switch to a Natural Deodorant!

Have you been considering switching to a natural deodorant but are nervous about making the change?

Well we completely understand, body odour is something we have been shamed in to thinking is the end of the world. Truth is...we all sweat and it just depends on what you mask or cover it with that creates your smell. You may not know this but sweat only smells when it mixes with bacteria, on it's own it barely smells!

So what is the problem with traditional deodorants and antiperspirant?

Traditional deodorants use antimicrobial agents or ethanol to slay the bacteria. Antiperspirants, on the other hand, use aluminum-based salts to plug up the sweat glands so you don't perspire and there is nothing for bacteria to mix with. Breaking tradition is hard but the ingredients you are currently using could be harmful, and even make your pits smell worse in the long run. They can even change the pH balance to make your pits bacteria-friendly sweat saunas. Your skin is supposed to have a normal level of bacteria. Like your gut, some of these are good bacteria. But using antiperspirants can lead to a growth or introduction of new and different bacteria, disrupting your microbiome.

What happens when you switch a natural deodorant?

Your body will go through a detox period where it expels all of the chemicals that have been holding your sweat in. This does not mean the natural deodorant isn't working for you but it needs to release all of the bad chemicals. This is why lockdown/social distancing is a great time to switch, the transition takes different amounts of time for everyone but it is totally worth it.

Natural deodorants won't stop you from sweating but they'll stop you from smelling. Here's how the ingredients in our Scene Deodorants work:

  • Coconut oil has disinfectant and antibacterial properties

  • Magnesium to deodorise

  • Essential Oils like patchouli, juniper berry, or rose geranium to provide a pleasant scent

  • Organic arrowroot which is naturally absorbent ingredient

A study from 2013 shows that we each have a unique set of genetic variations that lead to changes in how we perceive scents. You may not like how your natural odor pairs with a patchouli-laced stick, for example, but your sister loves the way it works with her chemistry. That is why we have a wide range of scents for you to try out and see what works for you!

All of these deodorants are:

- Vegan

- Handmade in a seaside lab in Falmouth, Cornwall

- Plastic Free

- Paraben Free

- Aluminum Free

- Ethically source ingredients

- No bicarbonate of soda, to minimise skin irritation

Finding the perfect deodorant for your body is kind of trial and error, just like finding the perfect pair of jeans but here is what one of our customers has to say about Scence Deodorants.

"Will: The best deodorant I’ve ever had, no body odour, no stains, fresh scent! "

Finally, switching to a natural roll-on also reduces the amount of chemicals you breath in compared to using a antiperspirant spray! So, if fancy switching to a deodorant that is going to be kinder to your body and the environment, head to our shop and check out our new range of Scence deodorants this winter!

If you have any questions about our range of natural deodorants or switching to natural hygiene products, feel free to send us an email themindfulhive@gmail.com

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