How to avoid animal products in your home this Veganuary

Have you committed to Veganuary this year? Did you know that animal products are used in more than just food?

So, if you're trying to avoid animal products this month, here are some cosmetic and household items that are guaranteed vegan‑friendly.


Traditional deodorants might not be vegan because they can contain animal products such as stearic acid, lanolin, glycerine, squalene and beeswax and because they are tested on animals. Our natural Scence deodorants are much better for your health and animal welfare!


Toothpaste can contain Glycerin, a product found in both animal and plant fats. We now sell toothpaste tablets with and without fluoride, which are 100% vegan, so you don't have to worry what you're buying.

Dog Poo Bags

Not many people know that plastic bags contain slipping agents made from animal fat to reduce friction and static in the material. Our dog poo bags are made from cornstarch meaning they are not only vegan‑friendly but they are compostable.


Many soaps contain derivatives of animal fat, that will be disguised as things like sodium tallowate, which is generally made from mixing animal fat (tallow) from cows or sheep with sodium hydroxide (lye). Our handmade soaps are made using only plant fats like coconut oil and come in a beautiful range of scents.

Hair Products

According to PETA’s there are over 20 potential animal‑derived chemicals that can be found in your shampoo or conditioner. For example, Keratin which can be derived from hooves, animal hair, horns, scales, and other keratinized animal parts.

Switch to our Cornish Beauty Kubes ‑ vegan cosmetics products available for your hair and skin!


Animal products to look out for in your beloved moisturiser...

‑ Tallow (animal fat used as a thickener)

‑ Stearic Acid (animal fat used as an emulsifier)

‑ Fish oil, mink oil, turtle oil and lanolin ( serve as emollients which reduce the amount of water that evaporates from the skin's surface)

‑ Amino Acids (like elasten and collagen)

‑ Certain Enzymes (lactoperoxidase, an enzyme obtained from milk, is used as a preservative)

Save yourself time reading every ingredient on your drugstore moisturiser and switch to a vegan‑friendly option, you can be sure doesn't harm animals.


Like traditional soaps, facial cleansers can contain similar animal products, so if you are looking to switch up other areas of your skincare routine we also have these handmade face soaps. We have 3 versions available ‑ deep cleansing, toning and firming and calming.

All of the vegan-friendly products pictured in this blog are available to buy from our website here

If you have any questions about these products, please do not hesitate to contact us

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