10 Sustainable Swaps for Plastic Free July

Plastic free July is well underway and I am feeling inspired after seeing all the amazing tips and sustainable swaps people have been sharing to reduce their plastic consumption in everyday life. So, I have decided to share some of the items we currently sell on our online ecostore, that can help you reduce your waste as well as reduce your chemical intake, not just for July but for a lifetime.

We are at a pivotal point after lockdown where we have had time to think about our current way of living and how it CANNOT go back to "normal". We must have more respect for mother nature and change our habits to stop draining the planet of resources, so there is some left for future generations. Earth has had a moment to breath and nature started healing itself, lets not return to our single-use mindset and start thinking reusable, circular and zero waste.

Here are 10 of the sustainable swaps to get you started or to add to your journey to a low waste lifestyle.

1. Reusable Travel Cup

Reusable Travel Cups are probably the most adopted reusable item since the awakening to our devastating single use plastics consumption. Our rCUPs are made from old recycled coffee cups, like this starbucks cup and although lots of people have made the transition, single use coffee cups are still used at an astronomical rate of .... and due to the current pandemic the use of reusable BYO containers has been halted meaning the increase of single use cups. However, there is news that safe usage of reusables can be introduced, so make sure you are prepared for stepping back out into the real world with an rCUP in hand. They are leakproof and great value for money with their lifetime repair warranty on the seal, these cups should last you around 10 years saving ..... cups from landfill on average

Kitchen swaps

2. Tea Strainer

We are proud tea lovers here in Great Britain but we shouldn't be proud about the amount of tea bags thrown away each year, especially if they aren't compostable. Lots of companies are making the transition to a more eco-friendly bag but the greenest tea to drink, is with a reusable tea strainer and then composting the loose leaves afterwards.

The strainer is made of 304 grade stainless steel; this high-quality material makes these tea strainers safe to use, durable and resistant to rust and corrosion.

3. Compostable Sponge Cloths

No more nasty blue dish cloths or yellow sponges that shed microplastics into our waterways when used, when you switch to our compostable sponge cloths you can keep your house and the environment clean. These cloths are made from natural renewable resources 70% Plant Viscose and 30% cotton. They use water based inks and can be reused thoroughly by cleaning them in the washing machine. Say goodbye to binning your over used dish cloth simply compost it at home and let is go back to the earth it came from!

4. Wooden Dish Brush

This gorgeous addition to your ecofriendly kitchen is made with sustainable beech wood and natural tampico bristles making it fully biodegradable.

Unlike the plastic dish brush which will never break down completely into organic matter, which means they can't be converted by living organisms into useful compounds. Paired up with our Dish soap bar below you can make your dishes sparkle with completely vegan and plastic free products.

5. Dish Washing Bar

These handmade dish soap bar clean kitchenware without harming you or the planet. The Lemon Syllabub in this bar is naturally antibacterial.

These nifty dish bars stop you being left with a plastic bottle and cut through grease and dirt on pots, pans, cutlery and glassware, leaving everything sparkling and squeaky clean. It contains only safe, natural ingredients and as with all our products, no palm oils or SLS, SLES.

6. Natural Loofah

The Loofah plant creates amazing fruits that once dried and skinned reveal this perfect plastic sponge alternative!

As Loofah grows from a plant it is biodegrable and when it reaches the end of it's life can be composted. This multifunctional sponge is perfect for an exfoliating body scrub or to lather up the dishes. These loofah sponges have been cut to reduce postage size and a lovely string helps to dry it out.    They are gentle enough not to damage your cookware but abrasive enough to give a good scrub. Paired up with our Cornish Soapcakes or dish washing bar, this natural sponge can create a good lather. They are also very long lasting, you can wash them on a hot wash in the machine to reuse again and again.

Bathroom Swaps

7. Shampoo Bar

The average person uses 10 bottles of shampoo in a year. Now times that by how many years you've been alive...all those bottles are still on the planet in some form of plastic. Now is the time to break away from the norm and wash your hair waste free!

Traditional shampoo contains synthetic chemicals that basically strip your hair of it's natural oils and replaces them with synthetic oils and waxes. Our natural shampoo bars contain no chemicals, palm oil, SLS or parabens, so you can wash your hair knowing all you are washing down the drain is suds.

8. Soap

Swap out your plastic shower gel bottles for our beautiful handmade soaps. Choose from a wide selection of fragrant beauties to wash your booty. Pop one of these is a soap bag and get scrubbing away guilt free and chemical free.

Handmade in Cornwall, like our shampoo bars these soaps are completely vegan and chemical free, plus we have an amazing range of scents for you to try!

9. Reusable cotton round

These gorgeous crocheted items are a perfect swap for single use face wipes and plastic sponges. The flannels can be great for cleaning your kitchen surfaces or your skin, as the cotton is strong but soft!  The facial rounds are much better for the environment than the disposable ones and pair up beautifully with our face soaps.    Simply clean the rounds or flannels in the washing machine and they'll be ready to use time and time again!

10. Natural Deodorant

A scary swap for some people because of the fear of smelling and leaving the comfort blanket of what they know behind.

But ditching traditional antiperspirants means you remove any chemicals from entering your body, but also stop them being sprayed into the air and you breathing in all of those toxins. Natural deodorants don't stop your from sweating but instead fight off any bacteria which is the thing that when mixed with sweat makes the smell.

You can find all of these plastic free items in our shop, if you have a question regarding any of these items please do not hesitate to contact us!

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