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-Plant a Tree-

We've partnered with Treeapp! 
For every order you spend £10+ with us, we will plant a tree for you.
Caring for the planet runs through ever aspect of this business and we are glad we can connect you to the incredible reforestation work Treeapp is doing.
Now, when you shop with The Mindful Hive, you know is your money being spent on:
- Ethical, sustainable products from small businesses 
- Plastic-free products that won't leave an impact on the planet 
- Planting a tree, rehabilitating communities and native animals

Treeapp's goal is to plant 1 million trees every single day

They work with local communities to create fair paid jobs and tree planting NGO's to ensure that trees are planted where needed across the world. 

As it stands they currently have 132 projects in 14 countries.

This includes, Peru, Haiti, Guinea, Kenya, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Burundi, Tanzania, Madagascar, Nepal and Indonesia.

If you’d like to help us support TreeApp in reaching this goal, please download their app here and plant your own trees for a more sustainable future.

Download their app here.


So far, we have planted

Layered Pine Tree

256 Trees!

 Which works out at approximately 3,120KG CO2 being absorbed each year. 

If you spend over £10 a tree token will be automatically processed or you can add a tree token to your order, through our store. We want to help you remove plastic and toxins from your life and now we can work together to fight deforestation, habit rehabilitation and climate change, one tree at a time.