- About Us -

The Mindful Hive
- Work like a hive of bees, whilst being mindful for the planet-

The Mindful Hive is here to help you shop sustainably for eco-friendly swaps, for your body and your home. We provide natural alternatives and education on how to ditch single-use plastic and toxins from your life.

The Mindful Hive is an online eco-store ran by Olivia, we are currently based in Plymouth, Devon and have two pop-up shops in Prime Cafe and The Cosmic Kitchen.


Whilst travelling around South East Asia, I was made aware of the vast area plastic products had polluted and the devastation our consumerist habits had on the planet. Awareness for the situation rocketed through programs like Blue Planet and I started to make sustainable changes in my own life.  My low waste way of living started to inspire friends and I would constantly recommend natural plastic free items they could swap to from local businesses. The growth to becoming a business was very organic, as I thought it would be silly not to share these changes I was making with a greater community of likeminded people looking for information and products that have no detriment to the planet or their bodies.  

Why Go Natural ?

The climate crisis is drastically affecting our planet and is creating an ecosystem we can't survive in. Even if you don't believe this rise in temperature is man-made, you can't deny our throwaway culture has impacted our oceans and dirtied our planet. Plastic has penetrated nearly every aspect of our life, whether it's in our tea bags or our face wash, it's time to go natural and also remove toxins. 


Mainstream beauty/bathroom products have extra fragrances and colourings added to make them attractive to us but we believe you shouldn't put anything on your skin you can't ingest. These unnecessary chemicals eventually will be washed down drains to the ocean or put into Landfill, where they will go back into the earth.   

So, let us help you remove chemicals and unneeded waste from your life and ...